OignonFugace, founded and operated by Tanguy Freycon, offers high-quality custom web development services, with the ambition to transform into a collaborative studio in the future. I work on new projects or redesigns, from concept to completion, and then evolve them as needed.

High quality, without exclusivity. My expertise and a judicious selection of tools allow me to be agile and efficiently direct resources. I am dedicated to creating web solutions that are efficient, secure, and scalable, suited to a variety of needs.

Quality and innovation are at the core of my work: each site must be a harmonious and pragmatic blend of functionality, interactive experiences, and aesthetic care. My approach ensures a clear, intuitive, and optimal user experience and content management experience, regardless of the project's scale.

In this fast-paced world, patience is a forgotten art. I approach my work as craftsmanship, prioritizing creativity, clever thinking, and skill. My working methodology is flexible and iterative, leveraging trial and error to refine ideas and adapt to the unique needs and visions of each project.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

+33 7 67 68 57 30
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